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uvic's Journal

University of Victoria
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after seeing a community for ubc, i thought it'd be great to have one for UVIC!

so here it is.. i'll do more about the community when i'm not studying for an exam.

Want to know when Webmail is down? How about when new viruses come out that you should watch out for?

The UVic Computer Help Desk provides a service called Informed that can alert you about these events before (if they're scheduled) or as they happen.

To see the messages, go to http://informed.uvic.ca .

From that page, you can also sign up for email alerts if you have a UVic email address. To do this, click on the "Informed" menu item, and go to "My Email Subscriptions."

If you would like these alerts to show up on your Livejournal friends list, add "uvic_informed".

Need to buy or sell some textbooks? uvic_texts
Taking have a Geography questoin? uvic_geog